• Pricing

  • About pricing information at Centura Health.

    Just as consumers comparison shop for important purchases like a house or car, they also need price and quality information to make informed decisions on their health care. At Centura Health, we believe in providing you access to meaningful, comprehensive and reliable information about the quality and price of services designed to inform and empower you in making more value-oriented choices, which can improve quality and reduce costs for everyone.

  • Costs for Common Procedures

    Costs For Common Procedures

    What can you expect to pay if you are a self-pay patient without insurance?

  • Request a Custom Quote

    Request a Custom Quote

    Understand your health care expenses in advance.

  • Charity Care Policy

    Charity Care Policy

    Getting financial assistance to
    pay your bill.

  • Explore our Quality Ratings

    Explore Quality Ratings

    An unwavering commitment to clinical excellence.

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