• Halos for Heroes

  • Hearing “thank you” from a patient is more precious to health professionals than any other accolade.

      Halos for Heroes

    After receiving care at one of our facilities, patients often ask how they can express their appreciation. Our Halos for Heroes program provides an opportunity for patients and guests to honor St. Anthony North associates who treated them or their loved ones with outstanding care. This grateful patient program acknowledges those who exemplify the St. Anthony North core values of compassion, respect, integrity, spirituality, stewardship, imagination and excellence. All donations received through Halos for Heroes go to the Influenza program which helps to provide vaccines to those in need.

    On receipt of the nomination, the St. Anthony North Health Foundation will arrange to honor the Hero by presenting a Halos for Heroes pin and certificate at a special awards ceremony in front of the associate’s supervisor and fellow coworkers. We hope you'll consider honoring a special caregiver while also helping to provide important flu shots across our community.

  • Thank you and congratulations to our 2014 Halos for Heroes award recipients:

    • Andrea Bar
    • Sandee Minne 
    • Jamie Webber 
    • Sara Fisher 
    • Emergency Department 
    • Jasbir Kaur 
    • Will Trujillo 
    • Dr. Rossman

    Thank you and congratulations to our 2013 Halos for Heroes award recipients:

    • Dr. Emily Horn
    • Rebecca Morrill
    • Dr. Elena Chertkova
    • Candy Cordova
    • Lisa Lynch
    • Dr. Craig A Reynolds
    • Karen Egli
    • Jamie Webber
    • Cathy Gundersen
    • Dr. John Altman
    • Laurie Meeker
    • Wendy Hayes
    • Donald Natress
    • Mary Byers
    • Charlotte Lowrie
    • J Elaine Neale
    • Teresa Coup
    • Cheryl Cote
    • Dr. Elizabeth Groff
    • Dana Pfluger
    • Angela Andrews
    • Tillie Carpenter
    • Alexia Seppaia
    • Suzanne Ford
    • Natalie Hernandez
    • Heidi Adams
    • Mary Bonville


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