• Planetree

  • A commitment to patient-centered care.

    PlanetreeSt. Anthony North Health Campus is proud to be affiliated with Planetree, an internationally recognized non-profit organization that helps guide hospitals on the journey toward patient-centered care and culture. Affiliation with Planetree means that St. Anthony North Hospital is working to meet extensive patient care requirements and is committed to furthering the model of patient centered care throughout our organization.

    Planetree’s philosophy is based on a simple premise: care should be organized first and foremost around the needs of patients. To understand those needs Planetree turned to the source. Thousands of focus groups—from bedside to boardroom—with patients, long-term care residents, families and professional caregivers across the globe have borne out their needs and desires for a more personalized, humanized and demystified health care experience.

    The Planetree model being followed at St. Anthony North Health Campus, incorporates these components:

    1. Human Interactions
    2. The Importance of Family, Friends and Social Support
    3. Architectural Design Conducive to Health and Healing
    4. Empowering Patients through Information and Education
    5. The Importance of the Nutritional and Nurturing Aspects of Food
    6. Healing Arts: Nutrition for the Soul
    7. Spirituality: The Importance of Inner Resources
    8. The Importance of the Human Touch
    9. Complementary Therapies: Expanding Patient Choices
    10. Healthy Communities: Expanding the Boundaries of Healthcare

    Please check back as we continue to add more information about progress on our Planetree journey. Learn more about Planetree at www.planetree.org

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