• New Birthing Center

  • New Birthing Center Provides Natural Touch

    The birth center at the St. Anthony North Health Campus opens March 3, 2015 and offers the best of two worlds. Birthing moms receive natural, patient-directed care in a modern and supportive environment and also benefit from the most advanced medical care available.

    "We strive to keep the birth process as natural and as minimally interventional as possible," says Dr. John Tynes with Centura Health. "We are there to provide support, but also to respond medically, if needed, so that you have a healthy baby."

  • Airy rooms, mountain views 

    Patients labor, deliver and recover in one of 12 spacious rooms. With airy mountain views, private baths and homelike touches, the rooms are designed to comfort and support new moms. Dads are invited to spend the night in the room and enjoy healthy meals. Rooming in, in which the baby stays with the mother instead of in the nursery, is encouraged.

    Epidurals and pain medications are optional, but are always available at the patient's request.

    Doulas for support

    Private, hospital-based doulas are available to any patient who requests their help. Doulas are birthing coaches, some bilingual, nationally certified to assist women in childbirth. They provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support. Research shows doula-assisted mothers have decreased use of pain medication, decreased use of vacuum or forceps-assisted births and decreased cesarean sections. St. Anthony North Hospital has one of the lowest cesarean section rates in Colorado.

    The new campus offers a Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), capable of caring for babies as young as 32 weeks in the event of a pre-term delivery. The facility has a neonatologist on staff and neonatal nurse practitioners work in the unit 24 hours a day. Additionally, the facility is staffed with nurse anesthetists, lactation consultants and social workers.

    Patient-directed care 

    "Patients should have a say in their care," Dr. Tynes says. "They can access services they want and decline those they don't. They have the right to privacy, or to have as many visitors as they want. It's their birth experience." 

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