• St. Anthony Sculpture

  • St. Anthony Sculpture Welcomes Patients

    A larger-than-life bronze statue of St. Anthony will greet patients as they walk into the St. Anthony North Health Campus main building. St. Anthony is the patron saint of healing and lost items, and the patron saint of St. Anthony North Hospital. The statue was created by Gig Harbor, Washington-based sculptor Mardie Rees and will be installed by November 2015.

    “All hospitals and churches pick a patron saint, somebody to follow as a role model,” said Sister Pat Hayden, vice president of mission integration at St. Anthony North Hospital. “St. Anthony is a saint of the people. He’s always been out in the community.”

    Traditionally, St. Anthony holds a child in his arms. In Rees’ interpretation, St. Anthony holds a child’s hand as as he explores the world. Because of its welcoming posture, the saint’s likeness embraces all who walk in the hospital’s doors.

    Rees is an award-winning figurative sculptor who draws inspiration from classical themes. She uses hand-made wooden tools to shape clay into artwork sometimes twice her size. Those sculptures are then cast into bronze, bringing significance and spirituality to public spaces.

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