• Cancer Care

  • Bringing together experts to fight cancer.

    St. Anthony North Health Campus has been fully accredited by ACoS Commission on Cancer as a Community Cancer Program. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to fighting cancer by bringing together caring and highly-skilled professional treatment experts in the fields of surgery, medical and radiation oncology, oncology-certified nursing and specially trained counselors for all challenges in this journey. Our patient-centered care includes staff dedicated to guiding our community of patients and their family members along this spiritual and emotional path.

    Our commitment to our north Denver community members includes annual participation in the 9 Health Fair offering cancer education and screening by volunteer nurses and physicians. Early control and detection is key to maximize the potential for disease cure. Additionally, we offer education that includes lifestyle changes & methods to reduce high risk behaviors that may lead to cancer.  We have established a variety of resources , including educational booklets, internet sites specializing in cancer care, as well as information from the American Cancer Society & other nationally recognized best practice organizations patient support and information.

    The care provided at St. Anthony North Health Campus is based upon the Planetree philosophy of patient-centered care.  We will work with our patients to meet extensive patient care requirements and we are committed to furthering the model of patient centered care throughout our organization.  

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