• Imaging

  • Imaging Services at St. Anthony North Health Campus

    Location: 14300 Orchard Parkway, Westminster, CO 80023
    Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. | Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon
    Important Phone Numbers:

    • Imaging Manager: 720-627-3198
    • Imaging Fax: 720-627-3181
    • Imaging Front Desk: 720-627-3180
    • Imaging Scheduling: 303-426-2400

    • CT64 slice scanner
    • Applies the lowest radiation dose possible for the patient
    • The only CT to adapt to any patient and any clinical need. Pediatric. Obese. Cardiac. Trauma.
    MRIBright inner lighting and a flared opening lead to a comfortable, open experience, even for anxious patients
    • Feet first imaging for all patients and studies
    • Reduced exam times due to coil technologies and GEM suite
    • Ability to perform some studies without contrast thanks to advanced technology
    • Ability to perform exceptional breast imaging thanks to applications like IDEAL and VIBRANT-Flex
    • MammographyImage quality is the key to early detection
    • Delivers exceptional sharp, digital images with excellent contrast and consistency
    • Lower average radiation dosage – Digital Mammograms use approximately 25% less radiation than film mammograms
    • UltrasoundProvides crisp, high resolution images
    • Exceptional 2D and 3D image quality from a single transducer
    • xrayDelivers high-resolution images within 5 seconds of acquisition
    • Quick and simple positioning for a wide variety of examinations
    • Combines various advanced radiation protection functions designed to keep exposure levels as low as reasonably achievable
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