• Reliable primary care tailored to adults in Westminster, Dacono and Thornton, Colorado

  • You may think that a primary care physician isn’t something you need as an adult — after all, you may only get one cold a year, and you can get a flu shot at almost any pharmacy or clinic. However, a primary care physician gets a bigger picture of your health and is able to track that picture throughout your life. From pediatric care through adult care and into the senior years, ongoing primary medical care is essential to maintaining your health and helping to prevent minor concerns from becoming big problems. B

    Being able to track those health patterns will broaden the scope of your overall well-being in ways that sporadic visits to the hospital or urgent care facility can’t. That’s where the doctors at St. Anthony North Health Campus come in. Trained to treat adults of all ages, our physicians in Westminster, Thornton and Dacono see patients for a variety of conditions and health concerns, including:

    • Back pain
    • Diabetes diagnosis and management
    • Fevers
    • Heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol
    • Respiratory infections such as flu and bronchitis
    • Tobacco and alcohol use
    • Weight loss guidance for overweight and obese patients
    If you have a condition that a St. Anthony North Health Campus primary care physician typically does not treat, our doctors will refer you to a specialist within our extensive network of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

    Turn to St. Anthony North Health Campus for primary care for adults  

    With six facilities in three different cities, St. Anthony North Health Campus has the primary care services you need as an adult. Whether you’re a current patient, are transferring to a different doctor, or you haven’t been to a primary care physician in years, we’re ready to help you stay on the path to your best health.

    To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about all of our primary care offerings for adults at St. Anthony North Health Campus, find a location near you.

    St. Anthony North Health Campus is part of the Centura Health network, offering primary care services to adults in Westminster, Dacono and Thornton, Colorado.

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