• Orthopedics

  • Joint and Spine Care at St. Anthony North Health Campus

    Some 206 bones and more than 350 joints make it possible for your body to walk, bend and move easily. When one of more of these is compromised, pain can become a problem and your quality of life can suffer. St. Anthony North Health Campus has the specialists, staff, facilities and technology to help resolve orthopedic and spine issues so you can get back to doing the things you love.

    Many patients can find relief through conservative treatments provided at St. Anthony North Health Campus, such as physical therapy and pain management procedures. When joint or spine surgery is necessary, our state-of-the-art surgical suites are equipped with the advanced equipment today’s specialists use for optimal outcomes. Post-surgical care and rehabilitation is designed to enhance comfort and speed recovery.

  • Joint Care

    Joint Care Services

    You don't have to suffer from joint pain due to injury or arthritis.

  • Spine care

    Spine Care Services

    Don't let back and neck pain keep you from the active life you love.

  • Abigail's Story

    Abigail’s back pain was so severe she couldn’t do the things she enjoyed most like playing with her kids and dog. After a lumbar fusion spine surgery, Abigail is back to living her everyday life, pain free.

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