• Heart Smart Scoops

  • Centura Health is proud to present Heart Smart Scoops for Denver Restaurant Week

    Eating heart healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat out. It just means be smart in your choices. So, we hope you plan to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the amazing menus offered throughout Denver Restaurant Week, and also keep that heart smiling with these tips!

    Heart Smart Scoops from Centura Health

    • Order entrees without cream-based sauces, added fat or salt.  Share your dessert or only eat half.
    • When you are planning your big night out during Denver Restaurant Week, eat a small healthy snack before leaving home to decrease likelihood of overeating and make sure you get some exercise before dinner. Enjoy every bite without guilt!
    • A great way to cut calories is to choose an entrée that feature vegetables, share the appetizer, eat slower and savor the flavor.
    • Remember to smile while you are at dinner. Smiling has been proven to lower stress levels and thereby keeps your heart healthier! 
    • If you drink alcohol, enjoy a glass of wine, beer or other non-sugary alcoholic drink with your Denver Restaurant Week meal. A small amount of alcohol appears to make the heart happier.  Nice little extra benefit, don’t you think?

    Denver Restaurant Week Info

    During the 10-day-long Denver Restaurant Week, February 26 - March 6, 2016, hundreds of Denver's top restaurants will offer multi-course dinners for the tasty price of $30 per person.

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  • Denver Restaurant Week

    Denver Restaurant Week

    Make plans to try a new restaurant during the annual Denver Restaurant Week, Feb. 26 - Mar. 6, 2016

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